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The Kellermotel Wine and Hunting Residence in co-operation with the Hajós Hunting Society provides hunting opportunities to every hunter interested. The area which can be actively hunted is 5000 ha. Residing big games are elks, deer, boars, but the small games population is also significant, like pheasants, hares and mallard ducks. Regarding small games, pheasants are sent out every year, and then it must be controlled, that the small games stay in the region, and the aftercare must be organized. To maintain the population, it is indispensable to kill harmful predators, trying to significantly lower the number of furry predators during the process. Relevant species in this matter are badgers, foxes, golden jackals, which has recently increased its population in the region. The noblest game in the area is the elk. In 2010 the hunting area was ranked as a hunting area for special purposes for the preservation of elk’s gene pool. There are 5 hunting associations’ areas in the region including the Hajós Hunting Association, where the largest and most valuable elk trophies are served. Up until 2016 the hunting association set the record with a trophy weighing 14,25 kg.

The yearly limit for hunting elk bulls is approximately 30, the content of the age group is specified. Of course, the hunting of female cervids is also significant, which is accomplished to preserve population and to reduce game damage. In the last 5 years the boar population has remarkably increased. The deer population is large but for this exact reason the quality is rather mediocre or average. In the social life of the hunting association and as a central base for letting guests hunt is a hunting lodge, which was rebuilt in 2011. The lodge enables worthy preparation of hunting ceremonies and kills. Game meat, which is held in cooling containers and smaller freezers until transport, is sold to buyer-ups here.

Shooting Range

For those hunters, who would rather practice their shooting skills, there is the Érsekcsanád Shooting Range, only 20 minutes away. Skeet shooting, disc hunting, trap shooting, tower cock shooting, running and standing animal target shooting are available. Furthermore, there are other shooting ranges in Kiskőrös, Szekszárd, and Kismunmajsa. The latter, only an hour away, counts as one of the best in the region.

Collecting antlers

For those guests, who are not necessarily hunters, yet they would like to get closer to the game population, or just walk around in nature, is antler collecting in the woods of Hajós a perfect opportunity. During the by the Hajós Hunting Association previously announced and organized antler collecting, the forests of the region can be hunted for more and more amazing antlers.


Hajós offers fishing opportunities too, which is provided by the József Attila Sport Fishing Association.