• 6344 Hajós, Kút tér 1.
  • +36 70 324 8800

The Kellermotel Wine and Hunting Residence offers a wide range of available programs, which we can arrange, if required. Thanks to the facilities of the pension, it is a perfect venue for organizing team building events, conferences, weddings and other family events, like graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries. We are pleased to help in the coordination of playful contests for school events. The fans of the countryside can explore the region by bicycle or on foot along the designated hiking trails, so that at the end of the day they get to have an idyllic grill or kotlich meal as a perfect closure in our pension. Guided hiking tours can also be reserved of course.

Bicycles are available for rent. For those, who are curious, if they could keep up with the everyday life in the country, we recommend a real, genuine rural pig slaughter. Since the Kellermotel Wine and Hunting Residence is equipped for playing table tennis and darts, we can gladly arrange family or group championships. We can organize handcraft activities, like soap making, basketry, etc. Of our hunting related programs, we would like to highlight constructing lurking-places as a perfect team building activity.