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Kalocsa has a remarkable historical past, for it has been a town since the Conquest, and since the dominion of Stephen I. has been an outstanding cultural center of Hungary. Most famous buildings are the cathedral of Kalocsa, the archbishop’s palace and the astral observatory. In the north half of the cathedral’s chapel is the Archbishop’s Treasury, which was opened in 1988 to exhibit the collection of ecclesiastic treasures gathered in the diocese.

The Cathedral Library is a pride owner of 130.000 books. Kalocsa is the capital of paprika. If pörkölt, gulyás, paprikás is mentioned, everybody on the world knows, it is about us, Hungarians. If paprika is added to it, Kalocsa is the town that comes to mind. The grandiose Paprika Festival is held every year and the town has its special Paprika Museum. In the past and present of Kalocsa porcelain and folk art had a determining role. Since its 1971 establishment The Porcelain Manufactory of Kalocsa aims for alloying the finest traditions of the hundreds of years old, world famous folk art of Kalocsa and its region with the art of porcelain painting on a high level. Visiting the Porcelain Manufactory of Kalocsa the entire process of porcelain producing can be observed from porcelain moulding to the kiln. In the town’s Viski Károly Museum are placed the pieces of clothing, furniture, porcelain decorated with the word wide known pattern of Kalocsa, the region’s archeological artifacts, and the incomparable mineral and coin collections of the Jesuit.

One of the eye marks of the town is the Folklore House, which is a peasant’s house typical for the Kalocsa region with the original furnishing and is decorated with the folklore patterns of Kalocsa. In the center of Kalocsa can be found a light tower called the Chronos-8, which is the creation of Nicolas Schöffer, a French sculptor originating from Kalocsa. The former house of the French artist is on the main road, and it houses a collection featuring his complete lifework, which was offered to his birth town by Schöffer in his life. The Archbishop’s Garden belonging to the Archbishop’s Palace provides a delightful place for taking a pleasant walk or relaxing. 5 km from Kalocsa is Meszes, where the big „blue highway” of Europe runs, with peaceful beaches, restaurants, pubs awaiting the visitors. The Swimming Pool and Medicinal Bath of Kalocsa is perfect for recreation or sport. Kalocsa can be explored by the sightseeing train, the Chili-Train is available every day of the week.