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Gemenc is one of the most famous protected areas of our country, the largest flood plain forest of Europe, representing an outstanding value internationally too. This amazing territory gets its uniqueness through the harmonious meeting of water and land. On the lower parts grow willow and poplar groves, on the higher parts oak, ash and elm deciduous forests can be found. The elk population providing world record trophies, boars and deers are common sights in these parts, but beside big games, wild cats, badgers, foxes, martens, squirrels, otters and beavers can be found too. The bird population is also outstanding: beside ospreys, saker, black kites, black woodpeckers, herons, black-crowned night herons, black storks with the highest population density of the world can be found here. In the Ecotouristic Center of Pörböly various exhibitions, wildlife monitoring and rentable bicycles await the visitors. The Gemenc Forest Train starts from the Ecotouristic Center, the only flood plain forest train. The train track follows the line of the Danube and Sió through the Gemenc forest, has length of a 30 km and goes on to Bárányfok, which is 6 km from Szekszárd. The journey can be extended with ship cruising, coach riding, canoeing, cycling, hiking, to which tour leaders can be required.