• 6344 Hajós, Kút tér 1.
  • +36 70 324 8800

In the layout of the wine types of Hajós, Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Cserszegi fűszeres (Cserszegi Spicy), Blue Frankishs, Zweigelt, Blauer Portugieser, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kadarka play a growing role among the traditional wines of the Great Plain. The red wines of the Hajós region can compete against the best wines from highlands. So, any wine fan can find their favorite in our cellar village. Visitors can choose from various programs.

Cellar tours

Private or group cellar tours are also available through Hajós, and if required, the authentic ‘clattering’ taxi is at disposal. During cellar tours the indicated cellars offer wine tasting and viewing of the wine cellars, where the characteristics wine types are revealed and the ins and outs of wine making. Besides wine tasting, wine biscuits are also served, in case of a larger group grilling or preparing a kotlich meal is also available. The people of Hajós are known for their hospitality and high spirits, which they share with pleasure.

Wine festivals

In the Cellar Village of Hajós several festival and other events await the visitors every year. Major events: Springtime Cellar Opener, Urban’s Day, Fröccsözön (Spritzer Flush), Grape Harvest Festival, Halloween Wine tasting with Pumpkins, Advent Season Open Cellar Days. During the festivals not only wine tasting is possible, but to pick selected merchandise from the craftsmen of Hajós, like homemade cheese, jam, honey, and spicy sauces. Of course it feels good, to have some snack during compotation, which is why so many food stands are available on the spot, like fried sausage, quiche, or for the sweet tooths chimney cake.


The purpose of the VINTEGRO Cellar Alliance is to introduce the outstanding beauty of the Cellar Village of Hajós, and the amazingly rich relish of the locally produced wines with the help of the local gastronomy’s variety. Members of the Cellar Association are: Klajó-Reiter Cellar, Sziegl Cellar, Hodován Cellar, Umenhoffer Cellar, Beck Cellar, Oszvald Cellars and the Huber Cellar. The Kellermotel Wine and Hunting Residence arm-in-arm with Vintegro is trying to revive the once vibrant life of the Hajós Cellar Village and to accomplish for Hajós to get more famous nationwide. The wines of Vintegro are available at our pension.